How to Maintain Vacuum Cleaner?

How to maintain vacuum cleaner

How to maintain vacuum cleaner?
Peakvac has been committed to the vacuum cleaner industry for decades. When friends gather, they will also ask them if they have a vacuum cleaner at home, what kind of vacuum cleaner they use, and how good the experience is. A friend once told me that the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner he bought, It was very good when I first bought it. After using it for more than a year, I found that the suction power is not as good as when I bought it, and the attenuation is obvious.

1.Empty Dust bag or Bin Regulary When Full

Dust bags are generally used in corded canister vacuum cleaner. There are two types of dust bag including disposable and reusable. The better ones are disposable dust bags. The dust will enter the dust bag first, and then Clean air goes out of t

he dust bag, so if the dust bag is too full, it will definitely reduce the suction power. In this case, do not wait for the dust bag to be full before changing it, it is best to clean it after two-thirds of it is used.

canister vacuum cleaner

Dust cups are generally used in cordless stick vacuum cleaners, and are usually transparent and visible. For this type of vacuum cleaner, the dust bin is just a garbage collection bin. When there is too much garbage, it needs to be dumped immediately. Don’t wait until it is too full to dispose of it.

dust cup of cordless stick vacuum

2.Broken Hose, Loose Joint and Leaking Dust Bin

Working principle of vacuum cleaner:
The vacuum quickly draws out the air inside the machine, forming a near-vacuum state. The gas pressure inside the machine drops sharply, while the outside of the machine is at atmospheric pressure. At this time, the negative pressure formed causes the external air to quickly enter the suction head and suction tube, completing a long-lasting action of gas inhalation. 

Therefore, sealing is very important. When some joints and parts in the airflow link of the machine are not well sealed, air will leak, the vacuum pressure will be greatly reduced, and the suction will drop. On the handle of some corded vacuum cleaners, there will be an air leakage switch, which uses the principle of leakage to adjust the suction.

So if the suction of your vacuum cleaner drops significantly, you can also focus on checking whether there are cracks and breakages in the hose joints and bends, whether the bayonet of the accessories is not tightened, whether the dust bin is completely closed, and other similar problems.


3.Filter is clogged

The filter on the vacuum cleaner generally refers to the HEPA filter. The principle of the HEPA filter is similar to the masks we wear. Different grades of HEPA filters can intercept dust particles of different sizes.

Whether the filter is clean or not determines whether the airflow is smooth. If the airflow is not smooth, it will cause the motor to fail to achieve a good effect when pumping air out. The pumping will slow down, the vacuum pressure difference will become smaller, and the suction will also weaken.

hepa of vacuum

Most of the vacuum cleaner’s suction power drop is due to the clogging of the HEPA filter:
Therefore, it is necessary to check the HEPA filter regularly to see if it is dirty. Most of the HEPA can be cleaned, but it is not recommended to wash it multiple times, because the HEPA filter cannot be completely restored, and some filters will destroy the original when cleaning. The structure makes the gap of the filter screen larger, then it will not achieve a good filtering effect, which is harmful to the human body and respiratory health.

4.Stuck in Large Particles and Dust

Vacuum cleaners are not omnipotent. They cannot be used to suck large pieces of paper, leaves, and adhesive tape. Once they are sucked in, they are easy to get stuck inside the suction head, connecting rod, and multi-cone separation structure, which will cause the suction force to increase. reduce.

In this case, you need to disassemble and clean it yourself. Generally, it will not be too difficult. After cleaning, the suction will return to its original state.

5.Accumulated dirt

I have used it for more than 2 years without any maintenance or cleaning, and the result has become like this:

Although I didn’t notice a decrease in the suction power, theoretically, it must have a negative impact on the suction power, so I suggest that you check and clean it regularly, and it won’t take too much time.


6.Motor or Circuit Board Problems

Under normal circumstances, there will be no problems with the motor and circuit, but the blockage caused by the above reasons is equivalent to increasing the load on the vacuum cleaner. will increase the possibility of damage.

There are also some users who have not paid attention to the use and inhaled water, which will affect the motor and circuit board.

Some electric floor brushes can also cause obstruction due to the entanglement of hair, and the floor brush does not roll smoothly, resulting in poor vacuuming effect.


To sum up the above reasons, most of the problems can be solved by cleaning. When using the vacuum cleaner, you can also follow my advice, use it reasonably, and maintain it properly. This is very good for the longevity of the vacuum cleaner.

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