6 advantages of Chinese vacuum cleaners in the international market

Created by: Eric Wang | Published on: 06/07/ 2022

The export volume of vacuum cleaners in China ranks first in the world. Among them, more than 70% of the production is exported. As one of the main export categories of home appliances in my country, the annual export volume of vacuum cleaners has basically remained unchanged from 90.64 million units in 2014 to 89.42 million units in 2020; the export value has also increased from 4.98 billion US dollars in 2014. $6 billion by 2020.

This article describes the advantages of vacuum cleaners made in China.

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1.Complete supply chain system in production and design

There are hundreds of manufacturer specializing in the production of vacuum cleaners in China. Larger-scale companies have R&D capabilities and can independently design the whole machine, such as Kingclean, Midea, Ecovacs, etc.

In addition to its own development, the joint venture also introduces a large number of foreign advanced design concepts and products developed by foreign advanced countries, such as Panasonic Electric, Boshihua Electric and so on. This makes our country have high, mid and low level products, with a wide variety of product types.

2.TOP 1 Production capacity and various type of the home cleaning appliances

In 2014, the total output of vacuum cleaners in China was about 120 million units, and nearly 90 million units were exported, with an export value of nearly 6 billion US dollars. China is the largest exporter of vacuum cleaners. Regardless of production capacity or scale,it can meet the needs of the global marke.

home cleaning appliances
china vacuum cleaner export data

At the same time, there are not only high-end products exported to developed countries and regions such as Japan, Europe and the United States, but also products exported to ASEAN, the Middle East and other markets with relatively low prices.

unit price of vacuum cleaner

3. Complete facilities and specialized labor

China’s vacuum cleaner production bases are mainly in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Suzhou, Zhejiang, and Tianjin, and have a number of powerful domestic brand enterprises such as Kingclean, Ecovacs, and Midea.They are continuous development for more than 20 years;

Under the background of low procurement costing, including Panasonic, LG, Philips and other major international competitors to transfer production capacity.

Joint venture production in my country or OEM production in China, all of which have prompted my country to maintain a strong production scale in the vacuum cleaner industry.

The layout of the vacuum cleaner industry in my country has obvious regional characteristics, especially in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Around the manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, there are a group of enterprises specializing in the production of parts and accessories of vacuum cleaners, and there are professional production of vacuum cleaner nozzles, motors and filters.

4.Cost is outstanding

China’s vacuum cleaner industry is independent and perfect, with strong supporting capabilities; production costs (labor costs, basic raw material costs, ingredient costs) are relatively low; although some raw material costs have risen rapidly in recent years, but the mature production capacity of enterprises has digested some ; The stable market and sales channels also reduce the cost of sales.

My country has a large number of technical personnel teams with low labor costs but mature technology after training, and a sufficient team of design engineers, which is my country’s labor advantage in international industrial competition. Although labor costs have been rising in recent years, but Compared with the labor costs of developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan, there are still obvious advantages.

For the labor-intensive vacuum cleaner manufacturing industry with low technology content, the impact of labor costs on the total product cost cannot be ignored, especially in the case of a certain amount of scale, this cost advantage is more obvious.

5. Stable and good quality under strict QC team

Kingclean, Ecovacs, Midea, etc. are all leading companies in the field of vacuum cleaner in China After decades of product manufacturing, under the gradually improved modern enterprise management system, the ability to control the quality of vacuum cleaner products has been continuously improved, especially It is a great progress in the supervision of key parts and the production design and testing of the whole machine, which effectively improves the stability of the quality of vacuum cleaner products.

6. Advanced product technology

At present, the vacuum cleaners produced in China are not far behind similar international products in terms of technical level, and some of them are still in a leading position.

In recent years, China’s vacuum cleaners have made progress in appearance design, and have also carried out innovative research and development in product technical functions.

Such as the research and development of Panasonic’s high inhalation efficiency products and high dust removal rate and energy-saving products in compliance with the EU Eco-design Directive by Kingclean and Midea, Ecovacs etc.

Dreame Technology’s Smart Factory

Therefore, the above-mentioned main advantages ensure that the vacuum cleaner products produced in China are of low price, good quality, complete functions and strong international competitiveness.

Chinese enterprises need to improve their design and development capabilities, and make technological innovations in product energy efficiency, environmentally friendly materials, and green manufacturing.

The End

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