Ametek Motor For Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Carbon Brush Motor

Products Features: 

  • High efficiency
  • Protection for wet bearings
  • Longer life last for 1500-3000 hours
  • Low runining noise

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We have various types of Ametek motors as below:

Peripheral Bypass: LAMB 119656-00, 122326-00, 122381-00, 116155-13, 122690-00, 119661-00, A0631300238, A061300526, 117304-50, 133807-01, 119702-00, 122421-00, 122255-00

Tangential Bypass: LAMB 122235-00/122238-07, 122402-00, 119625-00, 119924-00, 116420-13, E061000055, 130806-13, 119678-00, 116157-13, 119891-06, 119436-13, 116409-13, 117123-13, 116859-13, 116515-13, 116513-13, 116136-00

Silent Motor: LAMB 119652-24, 116599-13, 116597-13, 116296-13, 122320-00, 116945-13, 122468-13, 116596-13, 119438-29

Through-Flow: LAMB 119654-00, 117821-00, 119655-00, 119662-00, 119559-00, 119555-00, 116311-10, 122367-00, 122430-00, 116379-00, 122429-00, A060200542, 122187-00, 122188-00, 122420-00, 116310-01, E064300008, E063700003, E063200085, 122664-00, E063200168, E063200020, 119539-00, E064200027, E060200488, E063200099

ametek lamb vacuum motors
Wet and Dry Vacuum Motors 
All Models Are Available 
800W, 1000W, 1200W, 1600W, 1800W 

What's the Ametek Lamb Vacuum Motors?

Ametek Lamb’s catalogue includes brushless blowers, brushed vacuum motors, transportation pumps and regenerative blowers. Ametek Lamb thru-flow discharge vacuum motors are suitable for canister / utility vacuums and central vacuum systems to move clean & dry air. These intermittent-duty motors use vacuumed air to cool themselves by passing it over their armature. They feature ball bearings, an open drip-proof enclosure, and Class A insulation, ensuring long-term operations.

Why Choose Ametek Lamb Motors?

  • Vent Fan:Design to give the most efficient ventilation
  • Brush Mechanism: Made of grade A material with a unique design for different models of Ametek motors.
  • Statinary Fan: Giving stable vaccum force and consistence speed.
  • Long life span:Running time last for 1500-2500 hours.
  • Bearings: Equipped with permanently lubricated bearings, the motor ensures smooth and reliable performance over an extended lifespan.

Wholesale the First-Class Ametek Lamb Vacuum Motors in Competitive Price.


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