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Guaranteed fast delivery depends on good warehousing and logistics.

vacuum cleaner warehousing
Our Process

Why Inventory Are Important Matters?

Peakvac has 11,600 square meters of storage space for vacuum cleaners. Can store more than 10 containers of products and providing enough safe storage space for your products

The significance of finished product inventory is to ensure delivery and meet market demand.

If you do not have enough warehouses in your local market, we can work with you to develop a warehousing plan and ship in batches and installments according to your requirements. Reduce your storage costs.

vacuums warehousing
Workable Lead Time

Arrange delivery according to your sales plan, so that your products will always sell well in the market.

Active stock

Peakvac will keep safety stocks for best-selling products. Distributors and wholesalers can quickly test target market sales to expand future markets

Market share

Fast delivery and sufficient inventory can guarantee market share and give you leader supplier in the vacuum cleaner market.

Safety Packing Solutions And On-Time Delivery

With more than 10 years of exporting experience, we understand the importance of packaging for safe transportation.

We carry out special research on product packaging to implement the safest solution, but there are still many uncertainties in transportation. We strictly select freight forwarders to ensure safe and timely delivery during delivery.

Peakvac chooses many different shipping methods to meet your requirements.

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