Battery Powered Industrial Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

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Wholesale Lithium Battery Heavy Duty Industrial Cordless Vacuum Cleaners From China

Peakvac BD90-3 is a new designed Battery type industrial cordless vacuum cleaners with separate upper and lower barrel structure, It has a number of new design patents, use of air reflux principle, no need shutdown, by switching the slider can be effective ash removal. With a cordless design, work is not limited by space.

The whole machine design flexible and light, in line with human mechanics. Humanized design, The optional front brush can clean up a large area of dust.

parameters of battert powered idutsrial vacum cleaner

Features of Battery Powered Industrial Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

industrial cordless vacuum cleaners
battery powered industrial vacuum cleaner
  1. Equipped with three strong silent type Brushless motor, 100AN Lithium battery,  3-4 hours working time.
  2. Automatic pressure relief function to reduce the negative pressure in the barrel automatically, to protect the motor effectively.
  3.  Equipped with 2 HEPA filters, its precision is 0.3um, 99.99%
  4.  With invention patents manual sliding rod can clean the dust without stopping the machine, it can be achieve the vacuum cleaner durable work non-clogging effect
  5. Cyclone separation system can form a cyclone in the barrel, so that a large amount of dust can fall down and effectively reduce the efficient dust amount and the attachment of liquid; when inhaling sharp objects, the cyclone separation system can protect high efficiency from being damaged.
  6. The strong stainless steel barrel body make it has a better impact resistance and durability in industrial use.
  7. Equipped with spare parts basket and wire hook. The optional front brush can very easy to clean up a large area of dust.
  8. 5 meter long hose is made of elastomeric material, not EVA, it wasn’t damaged after 1000 times rolled testing by car. It is very pressure resistant and wear-resistant.
  9. A set of accessories are aluminum alloy materials.

Accessories We Avaliable

D50 accessories list: 1* type aluminum tube, 1*round brush, 1*hose, 2*long connector, 1*brush, 1*flat nozzle

Safety Packing We care

We provide economical and environmentally friendly cartons packing and safe wooden boxes packing. Our packaging can ensure the safety and reduce the possibility of damage during transportation.OEM packing also is avaliable.

industrial vacuum cleaner wooden box packing
industrial vacuum cleaner carton packing

Highlights and Applications of Battery Powered/Industrial Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Application industry includes: mechanical processing, metal working, electronics, ceramics, chemical industry, food, medicine, surface preparation, manufacturing, packaging, aluminum and PVC, glass, recycling, wood, paper industry and other processing places, etc. and can be used in line with production line or production equipment.

7 Tips for Choosing Right Industrial Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Working time
    According to your own use conditions, consider whether the vacuum cleaner needs to work continuously (24 hours of continuous work or 3-4 hours of work)
  2. Can it be moved?
    If you often move the device, you can choose a compact industrial vacuum cleaner, which is in small size and can easily clean up the dust after production, especially in some cracks, dead ends and other places; if do not move the device, you can choose Movable and stationary industrial vacuum cleaners that clean up dust during production.
  3. Suction
    According to the nature of the dust, such as iron filings, plastic scraps, metal powder, etc.For example, graphene dust: small and large, and drying requires an industrial vacuum cleaner with low power and high air volume. If it is a metal type: large particles, heavy body, and large amount of dust, a high-power and high-suction industrial vacuum cleaner should be selected.
  4. Industries:
    Choose the most suitable industrial vacuum cleaner according to the characteristics of your own industry. For example, the food industry is suitable for stainless steel vacuum cleaners, and the welding industry is suitable for welding smoke special vacuum cleaners.
  5. Capacity
    Equipped with a dust collection box or a recycling box according to the amount of dust to solve the recycling problem in the field of industrial vacuuming. The preloader can increase the capacity and separate the recycled materials of different materials, which can make up for the insufficient capacity of the industrial vacuum cleaner.
  6. Filters
    Choose different filter bags according to the usage. For example, when dealing with corrosive dust, it is necessary to use an anti-corrosion filter, when dealing with dust with moisture and oil, a waterproof and oil-proof filter is required, and for dust with adhesiveness, a membrane filter is required.
  7. Services
    Including pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service, providing quick solutions to problems

Glance at Industrial Cordless Vacuum Cleaners Assemble Process

Benefits of Using an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

industrial vacuum cleaner

Enhance Health and Safety Standards

Industrial dust collectors assist in providing clean air, enhancing the air quality in workspaces, and removing dangerous compounds from the environment before they are released.

Improve air qulaity and working environment

Air quality can be effectively improved in a manufacturing or industrial plant by controlling dust. To fulfill the goal of environmental protection, it collects dangerous particle matter in the working environment and seals off its exterior.

Work efficiency IMPOVING

The same working area and manual cleaning greatly shorten the working time

Labor costs saving

It can replace manual cleaning, reduce cleaning workers, save wages and welfare expenses


Peakvac was established in 2012. It is mainly engaged in wet and dry vacuum cleaner, commercial vacuum cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner, heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner.

Peakvac’s products are built to comply with major international standards, including European Standard as well as other relevant standards for each product type. With our machines, many excellent global partners are spreading it to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, European countries, and North America.

Our Services

We can make wet and dry vacuums specifically for you to satisfy your needs for regular use in difficult circumstances. It is intended for professional use across several industries. Peakvac can provide a variety of industrial heavy duty vacuum cleaners to meet your unique needs.

Wholesale our high quality industrial vacuum cleaners, just tell you what to use and we will provide the most reliable cleaning solutions.

Manufacturing & QC Flow

Peakvac shows the entire production process, making the process more transparent and clear. From complete assembly lines to finished products. We strictly control every aspect of production to ensure product quality.

OEM/ODM Services

Equipped with experienced research and design team to create the most popular products and one-stop services  for you.

Warehouse & Logistic

With 10,000 square meters of warehousing space, a professional warehousing and logistics team will give you fast delivery and support.

Certificates Gallery

After many years of work, the company has successfully completed the GS.CE.CB.ROHS certification, BSCI Social Audit, ISO9001 quality Audit, and 14001 Environmental management system certification. SASO, SAA, and ETL test standards.

our Estimated wholesale price

Estimated Industrial Cordless Vacuums Wholesale Price

All the money paid to Peakvac for the purchase of their products is safety. Below is an outline of costs you will incur:

Design fee

Pay a small design fee to support your personalized customization.

Shiping fee

Products are transported from the factory to your door, you need to bear the logistics costs, we can help you choose  freight forwarder.

Miscellaneous Fee

Any other fees related to taxes, service fees, fines and late fees. They are usually low-cost amounts.

Sample fee

Due to the high unit price of the product, we need you to pay an appropriate sample fee, thanks for your understanding.

30% deposit by TT

After the samples are confirmed, you need to pay a 30% deposit to start your production.

70% Final fee

After the samples are confirmed, you need to pay a 30% deposit to start your production.

Our process flow

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Display of all sourcing processes in detailed, whether you are a new buyer or not, you can easily complete it.

Step 1: Design and OEM Communication (7-14 days)

#1. Appearance design (color design)——Logo design——Packaging design (color box, natural packaging)

#2. Painting process selection (injection or polishing)

#3. Accessories  (advaced floor brush, needle punching cotton filter, Hepa fiter, telescopic tube)


Step 2: Sampling (7-14 days)

Sampling according to your confirmed design drawing. Let the real product can match the drawings by 100%. Looking forward to our samples can get your recognition at one time. Push the speed of mass productions.

vacuum sample packing

Step 3: Contract and Payments (1 day)

Once the details of Proform invoice be confirmed by both of us, it means you need to pay the 30% deposit and provide the bank slip to us. 

contract, signature, lease-1464917.jpg

Step 4: Bulk Productions (30-45days)

Since the sample approved, we would take times to prepare the materials and finish the order, it takes about 30-45 days totally.

Injection and molding

Step 5: Booking and Shipping (10-20days)

We would like to book the cargo before bulk products finish 7 days and it would take 10-20 days loading on board since products fininshed.

vacuum cleaner loading and shippment

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