Peakvac Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit for Pet Hair Cheap Wholesale Price and OEM Service is Available

Products Features: 

  • Pet grooming vacuum with 5 professional tools
  •  Slient working environment below 75dB(A)
  • Larger dust cup with hair compressing technology, collecting more hair
  • Collects 99% of pet hair into a vacuum container while trimming and brushing hair, which can keep your home clean
  • Easy Empty Dustbin & Easy to Store

Glance at Best Affordable Peakvac Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit

Parameters of Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit

Power: 300W
Noise: ≤74dBA
Vacuum: ≥10.0KPA
Air Flow: ≥28.5dm³/min
Voltage: AC 110V, AC 220V
Hose Legnth: 1.5m
Dust Cup Capacity: 2.5L
Cable Length: 2M
Dimensions: L40*W40*H200
Filter Type: Hepa

pet grooming vacuum kit
pet grooming vacuum kit

Details of Pet Vacuum Grooming kit

All-in-one Pet Grooming Kit
The 4-in-1 dog vacuum grooming kit caters to all your grooming needs. 

FOR CLIPPER: 1*detachable Clipper with 4 kinds of grooming calipers(4mm/6mm/9mm/12mm) which can be used independently.

FOR CLEANING: 1*long flat suction tute. 1*cleaning brush.
FOR GROOMING: 1*De-matting Brush. 1*Thinning Comb. 1*Pin Comb. It can easily handle various types of pet hair. When the tube is attached to the air outlet and equipped with a flat nozzle, it can be used as a hairdryer.

pet hair vacuum

2.5L Large Dustbin
Our pet grooming vacuum has enough capacity to handle a lot of grooming trimming without frequent cleaning of the dust bin. You can focus on grooming your pet without distraction.

Low Noise
The noise of the pet grooming vacuum cleaner is low, less than 50 cents. Your pet will feel relaxed during the grooming process, and you don’t have to worry about your pet being frightened. Provide a quiet and comfortable environment for your pets. Make your pet’s grooming process safe and enjoyable.

Wide Range of Applications For Different Sizes
The Grooming Vacuum Kit comes with Adjustable Clipper Comb Replacement Heads (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm). Whether it’s a short-haired cat or a long-haired dog, you can choose the most suitable grooming head to clean your pet, even if you haven’t done it before, it’s very easy!

Blowing and Dryer
Compared with other grooming kits, we add an additional blowing function, which can help you quickly dry your pet’s fur at a constant temperature of 45°C (113°F), make your pet more comfortable after bathing, and save your time and energy.

Groom Your Pet Anywhere Without The Mess

Grooming and hairdressing our beloved pets at home is not an easy task. Not only do we need to buy a lot of pet grooming tools, but also the trimmed hair is difficult to clean.

The Peakvac pet grooming vacuum kit is an all-in-one grooming tool kit that is easy to use, effective and affordable. It offers 5 grooming tools and collects 99% of pet hair with a built-in vacuum.

With the easy-to-use grooming vacuum, no more tangles and no more piles of hair around the house.

The hair clipper absorbs hair on the go for an easy trim. Featuring stainless steel fixed blades and adjustable ceramic blades, it handles the thickest coats with consistent performance. Includes 3 built-in lengths: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 6mm length, 12mm shroud so you have a variety of options.

The grooming brush gently removes loose hair and dander from your puppy’s coat while eliminating tangles and preventing mats. Plus, the grooming brush smoothes their hair. Whether your furry friend has long, curly, or curly hair, this ultra-gentle grooming tool is just what you need.

Delint brush for dog and cat undercoat grooming. Undercoat Hair Removal Kit for Dogs reduces loose hair shedding with regular use. Easily removes loose and undercoat hair without damage.

The blowing function is added to dry the hair after taking a bath. The temperature is 45 degrees and the noise is low. Pets are not afraid.

Nozzle head
It can remove unmanageable hair, debris and dust from the crevices of the sofa, keeping the home tidy

Cleaning Brush
Cleaning brush for general cleaning and vacuuming around the home. Cleaning brush for general grime on soft or hard surfaces. Vacuum or sweep your car, clean your home or tackle any small mess with the Universal Cleaning Brush Attachment

What is in Box?

Packing list: Hose x1/handle x1/needle comb x1/thinning comb x1/knotting comb x1/cleaning brush x1/flat nozzle x1/electric clipper conversion interface x1

pet grooming vacuum kit
pet grooming vacuum kit

Find The Best Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit For Your Business

Certificates Guarantee Quality

After many years of work, the company has successfully completed the GS.CE.CB.ROHS certification, BSCI Social Audit, ISO9001 quality Audit, and 14001 Environmental management system certification. SASO, SAA, and ETL test standards.

inudstrial dust collector certificates

Safety Packing We Care

We provide economical and environmentally friendly cartons packing. Our packaging can ensure the safety and reduce the possibility of damage during transportation.OEM packing also is avaliable.

packing of soldering fume extractor


Peakvac was established in 2012. It is mainly engaged in household, commercial and industrial cleaning equippments, inlcuding cordle ss stick vacuum, canister vacuums etc.

Peakvac’s products are built to comply with major international standards, including European Standard as well as other relevant standards for each product type. With our machines, many excellent global partners are spreading it to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, European countries, and North America.

Why Choose

Factory Directly

Equipped with injection molding workshop, professional assembly line, and product testing laboratory to control costs for your products

Tailored to your needs

Tell me your thoughts and requirements, and designers with more than ten years of experience can customize products for you, including appearance design, packaging design and functional design.

Fast Delivery

With 4 production lines, 200+ well-trained employees, and strictly in accordance with the 5s assembly process, each product will be fully checked before shipment to ensure fast delivery and meet quality standards.

10+ Years Exporting Experiences

In the past 10 years, our products have been exported to Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. We are honored to be the OEM supplier of Dewalt.

12 Months Warranty

100% full inspection of raw materials and accessories. We can guarantee 99.9% quality product rate. And can provide a 12 months warranty, no need to worry about product quality.

Fast response

Full services from pre-sale to after-sale. We not only pay attention to product quality, we care more about client services.No matter what the tough issues are, we guarantee your after-sales service 24/7.

Pet Vacuum cleaner series

Wholesale Pet Grooming Vacuum Kits From Peakvac

Here you’ll find a great selection of wholesale pet grooming vacuums with a range of convenient features, all at great factory prices with fast delivery. At Peakvac Wholesale, we are proud of our experience in the vacuum cleaner industry and have established relationships with brands such as Walmart and Shark.

We not only provide pet grooming vacuum kit wholesale services, but also provide OEM services. The MOQ usually starts at 500 pieces. From product development to product delivery, we provide one stop services. You only need to provide your needs and ideas, and we can help you Achieve, achieve a win-win situation.

our Estimated wholesale price

Estimated Wholesale and OEM Grooming Vacuum Cleaners Price

All the money paid to Peakvac for the purchase of their products is safety. Below is an outline of costs you will incur:

Design fee

Pay a small design fee to support your personalized customization.

Shiping fee

Products are transported from the factory to your door, you need to bear the logistics costs, we can help you choose  freight forwarder.

Miscellaneous Fee

Any other fees related to taxes, service fees, fines and late fees. They are usually low-cost amounts.

Sample fee

Due to the high unit price of the product, we need you to pay an appropriate sample fee, thanks for your understanding.

30% deposit by TT

After the samples are confirmed, you need to pay a 30% deposit to start your production.

70% Final fee

After the samples are confirmed, you need to pay a 30% deposit to start your production.

Our process flow

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Display of all sourcing processes in detailed, whether you are a new buyer or not, you can easily complete it.

Step 1: Design and OEM Communication (7-14 days)

#1. Appearance design (color design)——Logo design——Packaging design (color box, natural packaging)

#2. Vlotage ()

#3. Vacuums Part selection——Battery (integrated, removable)——Product motor (brushless motor, brushed motor)——Filtration system (normal filtration, HEPA filtration system)——Connecting tube (extension tube, 90 degree bending tube, etc.)——>Brush (electric soft velvet floor brush, ordinary floor brush)

#4. Accessories (electric mop head, multifunctional brush, mite removal brush, etc.)


Step 2: Sampling (7-14 days)

Sampling according to your confirmed design drawing. Let the real product can match the drawings by 100%. Looking forward to our samples can get your recognition at one time. Push the speed of mass productions.

vacuum sample packing

Step 3: Contract and Payments (1 day)

Once the details of Proform invoice be confirmed by both of us, it means you need to pay the 30% deposit and provide the bank slip to us. 

contract, signature, lease-1464917.jpg

Step 4: Bulk Productions (30-45days)

Since the sample approved, we would take times to prepare the materials and finish the order, it takes about 30-45 days totally.

Injection and molding

Step 5: Booking and Shipping (10-20days)

We would like to book the cargo before bulk products finish 7 days and it would take 10-20 days loading on board since products fininshed.

vacuum cleaner loading and shippment

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