Research & Development

Innovation and research and development are one of the important factors for the continuation of product vitality.

Our Process

We bring quality and innovation together

Our R&D department has an effective system to ensure the rapid development of cleaning products. The main goal of our research and development is to promote cross-studies between global trends in the cleaning products industry and market entry strategies for customers.

In-depth market research

Understanding the market is the key to developing a good product.

Products trend research

Popular product is one of the important factors to win the market.

Products Development

With more than 10 years of R & D experience, create market trend products.

OEM Service

Provide a full range of customized services to meet customer needs.

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Our Values

Providing the best design solutions to support your business

market research

In-depth industry and market analysis

Peakvac has been in the industry for more than 10 years and  exported to more than 30 countries. It understands the needs of customers in each country and can provide suggestions on customer procurement needs. Make your wholesale easier, reduce the trouble of choosing products, and get more profits.

market research

Professional technology team support

Our engineers focus on understanding the market and customer needs, and focus on providing our customers with satisfactory products and solutions. Let our products meet customer requirements and provide the guarantee of good market sales.

our R&d goals
Outcomes Driven
Industry Expertise

Let Peakvac assist you to build your business and brand.

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