Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing process

Professional vacuum cleaner production process can ensure product quality.

vacuum manufacturing process
Manufacuring Process

Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Process & Parts Assemble Process

Peakvac shows the entire production process, making the process more transparent and clear. Whether you are a freshman or a professional vacuum sourcer, can easily understand the production process.

1. Injection & Molding

Self-developed molding is to better customize your products and saving design cost.

Injection and molding

2. Assembly

4 assembly lines, 100+ well-trained workers, the assembly process is fully standardized.

assemble lines

3. Quality Control

Professional testing equipments and professional  personnel provide guarantee for product quality.

4. Packing

Fully auto packing machine provides safe solutions for products & reducing damage.

packing solution

Vacuum Manufacturing Process

Powerful and Advanced Factory Equipments

 Peakvac has 11,600 square meters of modern standard industrial plants, self-owned injection and molding workshop,4 automated assembly lines, more than 100 sets of equipment to conduct professional product life test, PCB circuit test, functional test, battery test. More than 150 professional and technical personnel, and achieves a monthly output of about 100,000 sets.

#1. Injection & Molding

Self-owned Injection Molding process

The ability to develop molds gives us the advantage of providing better customization services. In our molding workshop, we have various types of automatic CNC machine tools. Automatic machine tools can help to reduce cost and improve the precision of the parts.

As we all know, injection molding is currently widely used in various industries, and 80% of the parts in vacuum cleaners are composed of plastic parts. 

Classification of plastic parts: thermoplastic plastic box solid plastic. Recyclable thermoplastics are mostly used in vacuum cleaners. 

Principle of plastic injection molding process: The injection molding process mainly includes six stages: mold clamping-filling-pressure holding-cooling-mold opening-demolding.

 This series of processes all rely on injection molding machines .

Peakvac injection moulding plant

How is Vacuum Cleaner Part Molding & Injection Step By Step?

#2. Filling
#3. Presssure Holding
#4. Cooling
#5. Mold Opending
#6. Demolding
injection machine
Injection and molding
Injection and molding process
Injection and molding

#2. Components Assembly

How are cordless vacuum cleaner assembled?

4 fully automatic assembly lines and more than 150 well-trained employees. The maximum daily output can reach 2000 units. We will show you our assembly line, and all production steps are carried out in strict accordance with the 5S management system.

Product assembly directly affects product quality, and we pay special attention to every aspect of installation. The employees strictly follow the operating specifications. Ensure that the delivered products can be approved by you.


Peakvac assemble lines

Full Capacity in Our Assembling Plant

Well-trained staff and professional production lines can guarantee more than 2,000 vacuum cleaners per day and providind fast delivery for clients.


Daily output


Production lines


Trained Emplyees

#3. Quality Control and Management

Quality starts with the details

Peakvac has four product quality inspection rooms. We have 4 inspectors with more than 10 years experiences . 

Our quality inspection includes mandatory and interval cyclic testing of motor life, rated voltage testing, power and vacuum suction testing, appearance .etc. This is a daily routine test. We will test all orders. All processes are managed in accordance with our 5s.

Our quality control and manufacturing departments work together in every stage and process, including injection molding, assembly, inspection and packaging processes-they work together to ensure the quality of the final product.

Peakvac always insist on quality and service first, and provide customers with competitive and reliable vacuum cleaner products.

Peakvac Labs and Facilities

Guaranting Quality is a Team Effort

Producing high-quality vacuum cleaners is a team work that requires the joint support of production line operators and manufacturing/packaging managers. Our inspection technology can provide accurate data readings, backed by the keen insight of our inspectors, so that we can faithfully meet your specifications.

quality inspection
quality inspection

#4. Packing Solutions

A good packing solution make transportation easy and safe

 Our product designers tailor-made packaging solutions for all products. The automatic packing machine can complete the packing work quickly and efficiently.
We export to more than 30 countries, the products are safely delivered to customers, and there has been no damage caused by packaging during transportation.We believe that good product packaging can reduce your worries.

vacuum claner packing
vacuum sample packing

Peakvac Vacuum Vleaner Packing Solutions

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