Industrial Vacuum For WoodWorking Industry

Wood Chips and Sawdust Cleaning

It is very important for every woodworking workshop to set up an efficient and safe sawdust vacuum system. In the process of cutting, grinding, drilling, and edge banding, a lot of dust and sawdust will be generated, and the large particles of dust will eventually accumulate on the machine and its surroundings.
During sawing, fine dust particles float in the surrounding air, which can have a detrimental effect on respiratory health. When the dust accumulates to a certain amount, the risk of fire will increase; when the dust concentration in the air is high, it will easily cause an explosion, threatening the safety of workers.
The best sawdust vacuum system contain and collect dust at source, minimizing any mess left after the project is complete, making it easy to clean up messes left behind and making your shop a healthier place to work.

industrial vacuum for wood working
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  • Sawdust is flammable and explosive, easy to cause fire.
  • A large amount of sawdust is produced during sawing and grinding, which affects the working status and efficiency of the machine.
  • A large number of tiny invisible and floating dust endangers the health of workers.


  • Health protection and occupational safety

1.Sawdust Resource

Sawing Machine Dust Source
Different types of dust are produced during the wood cutting,milling,planning process, and the large particles of dust will eventually accumulate on the machine table. Fine dust particles will float in the surrounding air, and when the dust reaches a certain amount, the risk of fire will increase; when the dust concentration in the air is large, it is easy to cause an explosion.

industrial vacuums for woodworking
industrial vacuums for woodworking

The sawing machine is generally equipped with a protective cover in the direction of rotation of the saw blade. There is a dust suction port on the hood. According to the size of the saw blade and the diameter of the dust suction port, Peakvac’s AJS series automatic industrial sawdust vacuum cleaner or explosion-proof wood dust vacuum cleaner is the ideal supporting equipment.

In addition, the electrostatic properties of the dust must also be considered. Filter materials with antistatic coating need to be selected for filtration. For example, if multiple machines use a central dust removal system, more maintenance windows need to be opened on the pipeline during designing, and equipment such as spark detectors should be added. Monitor pipeline dust at all times to ensure safe and efficient dust removal in the workshop.

2.Wood Dust Resource

Router Table、Drillig Machine、Sanding Machine WoodDust Source
During high-speed drilling of wood, milling and planing operations, and sanding, a large amount of dust and wood chips are generated, and large particles of dust will eventually accumulate on the machine operating table.

1. A row of brushes is generally reserved on the four sides of the drill. The brushes are fixed around the suction hood. When the drill bit moves along the path set by the system, the brush and suction hood move accordingly. Connect the dust collector above the dust hood. Collect and dispose of suspended dust and dust remaining on the board surface.
2. Generally, the top of the sanding machine is often equipped with a suction port, which is vacuumed through the pipe.

Peakvac’s AJS series can meet the multi-purpose use, you only need to provide the equipment name, we can customize the pipeline solutuon for you, realize a complete sawdust vacuum system, and save the cost of your equipment.

3.Wood Chips Cleaning

emd series electric explosion proof vacuum cleaner

In the woodworking industry, a lot of large particles of wood chips are generated on the workshop floor and should be disposed of promptly to avoid any potential hazards. A three-phase electric explosion-proof vacuum cleaner can effectively solve this problem. The Peakvac vacuum cleaner is equipped with different cleaning configurations such as manual cleaning, manual vibration, pulse blowback, etc. Our industrial vacuum cleaners, such as the EMD series, can choose different accessories to achieve dust removal in different scenarios.


4.Saw dust Collection Systems

woodworking vacuum system

Solutions for Wooddust and Sawdust Vacuum System

We will provide the optimal pipeline solution according to the number and layout of your workshop equipment to realize one-stop dust removal.

We are a professional supplier of dust removal equipment. If you have any needs, we will provide a one-stop solution to meet all your needs. Contact us for the best solution!

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