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Peakvac focuses on dust removal equipment industry. We not only provide welding and soldering fume extractors, but also provide a complete set of dust removal solutions.
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Peakvac Welding and Soldering Fume Extractors

Peakvac welding fume extractors are designed for heavy industrial use to capture pollution at source. The device is attached with a portable wheel frame, which can be moved to any place where smoke extraction is required. Equipped with a high-efficiency filtration system to deeply purify the working environment and protect the health of employees.

Wholesale our high quality fume extractors, just tell you what to use and we will provide the most reliable dust removal solutions.

Desktop Soldering Fume Extractor

Nail Salon Fume Extractor

Beauty and Salon Fume Extractor

Benchtop Soldering Fume Extractor

DTF and 3D Printer Fume Extractor

Laser Fume Extractor For Engraver

Portable Soldering Fume Extractor

Mobile Welding Fume Extractor

DME Series Downdraft Table for Grinding & Welding

DM Series Downdraft Table for Grinding and Welding


Features of Peakvac Fume Extractor

  • Advanced Filtration System 
    The filter material is polyester with PTFE coated, which can filter 99.9% dust at 0.3 microns.
  • Portable and Compact
    The compact and portable product including a convenient 360 degree rotation suction arm for desirable
  • 24H Contiously Working
    Pulse jet cleaning method for the filter makes machine to work continuously. User can set the pulse frequency depending upon the requirements.
  • Excellent Motors
    Brushless motor and excellent metal plate technology ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Professional noise reduction and ultra-quiet
    The interior of the machine uses vibration-absorbing and sound-absorbing materials to effectively reduce operating noise.



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Sucessful Cases of Fume Extractors in Different Industries

We keep in deeply connection with clients around the world, listen to customers’ experience and problems, and optimize our products to meet the dust removal needs of different appliactions.

Common Fumes Produced During Welding and Soldering Process

The fumes produced during welding can vary depending on the type of welding process, the materials being welded, and the welding conditions. However, in general, welding fumes are a mixture of metal oxides, gases, and other compounds that can be hazardous to human health if inhaled in sufficient quantities.

Some of the common fumes produced during welding include:

  1. Metal oxide fumes: These are produced when the high heat of welding causes the metal to vaporize and react with oxygen in the air. Metal oxide fumes can include aluminum oxide, copper oxide, iron oxide, and zinc oxide.

  2. Nitrogen oxides: These are produced when the high temperatures of welding cause nitrogen and oxygen in the air to react. Nitrogen oxides can be toxic and can cause respiratory problems.

  3. Carbon monoxide: This is produced when carbon-based materials such as paint, oil, or grease are present in the welding area and are heated by the welding process. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

  4. Ozone: This is produced when the ultraviolet light from the welding arc reacts with oxygen in the air. Ozone can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat and can cause respiratory problems.

It’s important to note that welding fumes can also contain other hazardous materials such as heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium, and can also be carcinogenic. Therefore, it’s important for welders to take appropriate safety measures, such as using proper ventilation and personal protective equipment, to minimize their exposure to welding fumes.

Benefits of Using a Fume Extractor

dust remove solution for 3d printing industry

Improved air quality

A soldering fume extractor helps to remove harmful fumes and particulates from the air, improving the overall air quality in the workspace. This can help to prevent respiratory problems, headaches, and other health issues associated with inhaling soldering fumes.

Reduced exposure to toxic fumes

Soldering fumes can contain toxic substances such as lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals. By using a fume extractor, these harmful fumes can be captured and removed from the workspace, reducing the risk of exposure to these toxins.

Enhanced worker safety

By removing harmful fumes from the air, a soldering fume extractor can help to improve worker safety and prevent accidents that may occur due to dizziness or other symptoms caused by inhaling soldering fumes.

Increased productivity

By improving air quality and enhancing worker safety, a soldering fume extractor can help to create a more comfortable and productive work environment. This can lead to increased efficiency and higher-quality work.

Compliance with regulations

Depending on the industry and location, there may be regulations or guidelines that require the use of fume extractors or other safety equipment in the workplace. By using a soldering fume extractor, businesses can ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid potential fines or legal issues.

About Peakvac TOP 10 Fume Extractor Manufacturer

Peakvac is founded in the 2012, Fume extractors not only helps manufacturing environments purify the air, but increases employee productivity, increases employee retention, helps ensure a safe work environment, and reduces equipment maintenance costs.

As an soldering fume extractors manufacturer, our dust collector designs incorporate unique features that help our customers maintain and repair equipment as economically as possible.

Dust collectors, soldering fume extractors, industrial vacuum cleaners, and dust removal systems are our main products. We have provided dust removal solutions to dozens of countries around the world, and have received unanimous praise.

Why Select Peakvac as Your Fume Extractors Supplier

One-Stop Solution

We are not only selling industrial vacuums and dust collectors, but also provide all round one-stop service for diffenet industry.

Tailored To Your Needs

We have a professional design team, we can tailor dust removal solutions for each industry, including equipment recommendation, pipeline design and others

Professional After Sales Team

We are responsible for the installation and commissioning of equipment, ensuring the normal operation of our products, and providing online services 24 hours a day

Certificates Gallery

After many years of work, the company has successfully completed the GS.CE.CB.ROHS certification, BSCI Social Audit, ISO9001 quality Audit, and 14001 Environmental management system certification. SASO, SAA, and ETL test standards.

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