JH Series Industrial Dust Collector System For Welding, Metalworking, Woodworking, Machinery, Laser Cutting

Products Features: 

  • One-stop industrial dust collector system solution designer for heavy duty industries
  • Built in 9/12 vertical membrane  PTFE filter cartridge 
  • High power and Siemens constant voltage control
  • Pulse rotary wing dust cleaning 
  • Schneider electric appliances ensures safety and stability
  • Detachable 50L dust container

JH2200 22kW dust removal and air purification equipment is specially designed for heavy industry. We will customize the dust removal system according to the type of dust, the area of dust removal, the size of the equipment and the characteristics of dust.

JH series industrial dust collector system is equipped with an industrial-grade dust collector motor which with large air volume and low noise, which conforms to the international certification of Rohs & CE and can work continuously for 24 hours.

JH series industrial dust collector system

Parameters of JH Series Industrial Dust Collector System

Current type
Ph – V – Hz
3 – 380 – 50/60
kW / HP
11 / 15
15 / 20
22 / 30
m³/h (l/s) / CFM
10000-13000 (2778-3611) / 5886-7652
12000-17000 (3333-4722) / 7063-10006
18000-24000 (5000-6667) / 10594-14126
kPa / inH2O
1.6-2.5 / 6.4-10
1.6-2.6 / 6.4-10.4
1.8-2.8 / 7.2-11.2
Sound pressure level
Container capacity
l / gal
50 / 13.2
Filter area
m2 / ft2
125 / 1345
168 / 1808
222 / 2390
Filter efficiency
Filter type
9 HEPA Filters
12 HEPA Filters
Filter cleaning system
Automatic Pulse Jet (Compressed air requirement: 4-6 bar)
Inlet diameter
mm / in
Cable length
m / ft
10 / 32.8
Dimensions (L × W × H)
mm / in
1500*1500*3500 / 59*59*138
1500*1500*4150 / 59*59*163
1800*1500*4350 / 71*59*171
kg / lb

Features of JH Series Industrial Dust Collector System

  • Centrifugal fan and modular compact design featuring large air volume, low noise level and stable performance.
  • The Siemens inverter can automatically adjust power of the motor, realize variable speed operation of it to maintain
    constant air volume and pressure, and achieve the purpose of saving power and prolonging the service life of the filters. It can control the starting current of the motor, fully reduce the starting current, and reduce the maintenance cost of th motor.
  • 9/12 pcs of PTFE-membrane HEPA cartridge filters with great filter surface and excellent filter efficiency.
  • The programmable pulse controller can be used to control the automatic pulse jet frequency and time interval according to actual application requirements.
  • Local/remote switch is provided as standard. Customer can make use of the remote linkage function to start and stop the dust collector together with their own machine.
  • The differential pressure gauge is used to monitor the pressure inside the machine when it is operating and can be used as a reminder when to replace the filters.
  • The detachable 50L dust container is convenient for dumping garbage.
  • The inlet design can avoid airflow loss caused by narrow area.
  • The air velocity reducing design inside the machine facilitates dust settlement and avoids the dust from direct contact to the filters.
  • The Schneider electric appliance ensures safety and stability with functions of phase sequence, overheat and overload protection.
  • The machine is built with 2.0mm thick sheet metal which goes through high temperature pre-painting, antirust and
    anti-corrosion process.
industrial dust collector

Applications of JH Series Industry Dust Collector System

  • For machinery manufacturing
  • For metal process
  • For grinding
  • For electronics
  • For ceramics
  • For pringting
  • For aluminum and PVC, glass industry
  • For wood, paper industry and other processing places
  • Used in line with production line or production equipment
industry dust collector system

Application Video of Industrial Dust Collector System

Suitable for the industries of grinding, cutting, mixing, sandblasting , ceramics, paper, steel, food, plastics, wood processing, etc.

How to Choose Your Industrial Dust Collector System?

Choosing an industrial dust collector can be a complex process as it depends on a variety of factors such as the type of application, the size of the facility, the type and quantity of dust being produced, and the specific needs of the operation. Here are some general steps to follow when choosing an industrial dust collector system.

Assess Your Needs

Identify the specific requirements for your application, such as the type of dust being produced, the amount of dust being generated, and the required air flow rate.

Determine the Type of Dust Collector

There are several types of industrial dust collectors, including baghouses, cartridge collectors, cyclone separators, electrostatic precipitators, and wet scrubbers. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose the one that is best suited for your specific application.

Evaluate the Dust Collector's Efficiency

Look for a dust collector that has a high filtration efficiency to ensure that the dust is effectively captured and removed from the air. The efficiency of a dust collector is measured by its MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating, which indicates how small of a particle the filter can capture.

Consider the Size and Air Flow

Choose a dust collector that has the appropriate size and air flow rate for your application. The size of the dust collector will depend on the amount of dust being generated, and the air flow rate will depend on the type of application and the size of the facility.

Evaluate Maintenance Requirements

Look for a dust collector that is easy to maintain and has accessible filters for cleaning or replacement. The maintenance requirements of the dust collector should fit within the schedule and resources of your facility.

Consult with Experts

Consult with experts in the field to ensure that you are choosing the most appropriate dust collector for your application. This could include dust collector manufacturers, industrial hygienists, or air quality specialists.

You don’t need to worry how to choose suitable dust collectors. Peakvac have been in the industry for more than ten years, and we have enough experience to provide you with a one-stop comprehensive dust removal solution.

Certificates Guarantee Quality

After many years of work, the company has successfully completed the GS.CE.CB.ROHS certification, BSCI Social Audit, ISO9001 quality Audit, and 14001 Environmental management system certification. SASO, SAA, and ETL test standards.

inudstrial dust collector certificates

Safety Packing We care

We provide economical and environmentally friendly cartons packing and safe wooden boxes packing. Our packaging can ensure the safety and reduce the possibility of damage during transportation.OEM packing also is avaliable.

industrial vacuum cleaner wooden box packing
industrial vacuum cleaner carton packing

About Peakvac.com

Peakvac was established in 2012. It is mainly engaged in wet and dry vacuum cleaner, commercial vacuum cleanerindustrial vacuum cleaner, heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner, fume extractors.

Peakvac’s products are built to comply with major international standards, including European Standard as well as other relevant standards for each product type. With our machines, many excellent global partners are spreading it to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, European countries, and North America.

Why Select Peakvac Industrial Dust Collectors

Factory Directly

Equipped with injection molding workshop, professional assembly line, and product testing laboratory to control costs for your products

Tailored to your needs

Tell me your thoughts and requirements, and designers with more than ten years of experience can customize products for you, including appearance design, packaging design and functional design.

Fast Delivery

With 4 production lines, 200+ well-trained employees, and strictly in accordance with the 5s assembly process, each product will be fully checked before shipment to ensure fast delivery and meet quality standards.

10+ Years Exporting Experiences

In the past 10 years, our products have been exported to Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. We are honored to be the OEM supplier of Dewalt.

12 Months Warranty

100% full inspection of raw materials and accessories. We can guarantee 99.9% quality product rate. And can provide a 12 months warranty, no need to worry about product quality.

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