Industrial Vacuum Cleaner For Metal Chips and Machine Shop

Metal Chips Vacuum Cleaner

The metalworking industry, which includes metallurgy, mechanical design and automotive engineering, is a core industry with extremely complex processes.
Metal chip production is a by-product of the manufacturing process. These chips cause safety and efficiency issues when performing manufacturing operations such as cutting, turning, knurling or threading.

Metalworking produces large amounts of abrasive debris mixed with cooling lubricants. Cleaning workpieces and machine tools, often during continuous operation, is an important task that has a major impact on cost efficiency.
Our suction solutions offer optimum process reliability and quality assurance.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner For Metal Chips
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  • Metal chips are usually sharp and can easily cause damage to the machine body.
  • When metal chips are covered with oil or lubricant, they cannot be separated.
  • Metal chips left uncleaned for a long time can cause the machine to become inoperable.
  • Creates an unclean and dirty workplace, posing a serious threat to workers.


  • Keeps the production process clean, minimizes downtime, and works 24H/365Y.
  • Separates chips and fluids.
  • Cyclone separator, which can block sharp materials and some particles of dust, to reduce the burden of the filter.
  • Improves production accuracy and process reliability.
  • Pulse cleaning interval can be set according to working conditions.


Peakvac has been dedicated to the dust removing industry for more than 10 years, and our industrial vacuums can provide an effective solution for metal chip dust generated during the production process.

High negative pressure vacuum cleaners KS, AMEMD series and other industrial vacuum cleaners with flat mouth, suction and other tools are effective solutions to deal with metal chips.

Peakvac Industrial Vacuums In Metal Processing Industry

KS3600 Industrial Wet/dry Vacuum Cleaner

AM Series 3 Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

EMD 3 Phase Electric Explosion-Proof Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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