List of 6 ODM Dyson Manufacturer and Suppy Chains In Southeast Asia

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The ODM/OEM factories of vacuum cleaner industry giants (Shark, Electrolux, TTI, Philips, SEB) are ODM in Ningbo, Suzhou and Guangdong China. Only Dyson’s ODM manufacturer is not in China, but in Malaysia which makes the industry Curious about Dyson.

According to rumors, Dyson also tried to find a vacuum cleaner. ODM company in China before but choose Malaysia because of concerns about the trouble of technology and patents.

Following lists main 6 vacuum cleaner factories that provides ODM services for Dyson.

Dyson manufacturer and supply chains

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    • Location:Johor, Malaysia
    • Company type:Manufacturing
    • Year founded:1972
    • Main products:cordless hand-held vacuums and bladeless fans.
    • Main industries:Home care, Environmental care, Lighting, Internet of Things(IOT), Automotive,Medical
    • ODM brand: Dyson

    ATA is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider to internationally recognized brands. We are one of the largest EMS companies in Southeast Asia and are ranked 23rd among the top global EMS providers. With a highly experienced and dedicated team, we deliver a wide range of products to over 80 countries. 

    From cleaning tight corners to ceilings, cleaning up the home can be a real chore. However, cleaning can be turned effortless with the use of innovative home care solutions. ATA partners with the industry-best to deliver different types of vacuum cleaners such as cordless and canister vacuums. Equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, the vacuums guarantee powerful suction while removing microscopic allergens from the environment.

    Having delivered millions of products to more than 80 countries worldwide, ATA boasts an extensive track record in delivering best-in-class home care solutions. From procurement of raw materials to final fulfilment, we carry deep knowledge and understanding of manufacturing home care appliances.

    We boldly embrace innovation and are proud to partner in delivering revolutionary home care solutions.

    dyson manufacturer



    Meiban Group Pte Ltd

    • Location:Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan
    • Main products: Cordless hand-held vacuums, bladeless fans and digital motors
    • Main industrie: Consumer products, Medical, Energy services, Juvenile products, Storage media & business equipment, Automotive
    • ODM brand: Dyson

    meibanMeiban Group Pte Ltd

    Meiban is currently one of the most established electronics and plastic manufacturer in Singapore.Meiban was started as a Singapore plastic molding house by Mr George Goh Tiong Yong in 1987.

    Meiban has since grown to over 3,600 staff strength and is now a global partner to a number of well-known MNCs. We have our headquarter in Singapore and 16 production sites in Singapore, Malaysia and China.Her business portfolio consists of US and European brand owners’ playing in the field of consumer products(cordless hand-held vacuums, bladeless fans and digital motors), business equipment, medical devices and others.

    We deliver high end products to customers all over the world.Consumer spending will rise to 12 trillion dollars by 2020. Meiban remains committed to the consumer product industry since her inception. 

    We design, build and deliver innovative high end products that are being sold in millions globally. Our customers are the world’s best known brands(dyson).With our EMS capability, our team is ready to support your manufacturing needs in the consumer electronics products industry.



    VS Industry Bhd,Senai, Malaysia

    • Location:Malasia, Indonesia, Hong kong, Vitenam
    • Company type:manufacturing
    • Year founded:1982
    • Main products:cordless hand-held vacuums and bladeless fans.
    • Main industries:home care, environmental care
    • ODM brand: Dyson

    VS Industry Bhd,Senai, MalaysiaVS Industry Bhd,Senai, Malaysia

    V.S. Industry Berhad (VS) was founded in 1982 and listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad in 1998. Today, VS is a leading integrated Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider in the region, with proven capabilities to undertake the manufacturing needs of global brand names for office and household electrical and electronic products.

    Our Group offers one-stop manufacturing solutions to world-renowned customers from Europe, Japan and USA.

    Our extensive manufacturing services include plastic injection mould design and fabrication, a wide range of injection tonnage and finishing processes, printed circuit boards assembly, automated assembly and final processes of packaging and logistics.



    SKP Resources Bhd 

    • Loaction: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    • Company type: Manufacturing
    • Year founded: 1974
    • Main products: Cordless hand-held vacuums and hair dryer
    • Main industries: Automotive, Computing, Consumer, and Medical
    • ODM brand: Dyson, sharp, sony, panasonic, fujitsu

    SKP Resources Bhd 


    SKP Resources Bhd 

    SKP Resources Berhad (SKP) is a leader in plastics contract manufacturing with over 40 years of manufacturing experience in the electrical and electronics plastics industry.

    The company offers manufacturing and assembly services to several markets including automotive, computing, consumer, and medical. In addition, the company operates a tool fabrication unit that cuts mould and die for (OEM) manufacturer. Our word is only as good as the people we deliver for, and for that we count world- renowned brands such as Dyson, Panasonic, Sharp, Pioneer, Sony and Fujitsu within our stable of prestigious clientele. Their products are our pride and the joy of end-users worldwide who enjoy SKP’s guarantee and assurance of quality.



    Flextronics — Singapore

    • Loaction:Singapore.
    • Company type: Manufacturing
    • Year founded: 1969
    • Main products: Cordless hand-held vacuums and robotic vacuum
    • Main industries: Automotive, Cloud, Consumer devices, Cealth care  
    • ODM brand: Dyson, bissell

    Flextronics — Singapore


    Flextronics — Singapore

    Flextronics (English: Flex Ltd., formerly known as Flextronics International Ltd., NASDAQ: FLEX), is a world-renowned electronic professional manufacturing service company, founded in 1969 in Silicon Valley, USA. In 1981, it set up a factory in Singapore, becoming the first American manufacturer to go abroad to set up factories overseas.

    In 2016, the turnover of Flextronics was US$24.418 billion, ranking third in the EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) foundry industry, second only to Hon Hai, Foxconn and Pegatron Corporation.

    The main OEM products for Dyson are: vacuum cleaners with cords and Dyson 360 eyes robots. Flextronics is currently OEM vacuum cleaners for Bissell in the United States.



    New Kinpo Group

    • Loaction:Taiwan China. Mainland China, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brazil , Mexico
    • Company type: Manufacturing
    • Year founded: 1973
    • Main products: Cordless hand-held vacuums and hair dryer, digital motor
    • Main industries: Medical, 3D pringting, Consumer electronics, Health care etc
    • ODM brand: Dyson

    New Kinpo Group


    New Kinpo Group

    Founded in 1973, New Kinpo Group is a world leader in global manufacturing solutions.

    Our group of companies engage in global electronic manufacturing services (EMS), original design manufacturing (ODM), and the development of own-brand products. Publicly listed companies in our group include Kinpo Electronics, Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand), AcBel Polytech, and CastleNet. Besides manufacturing a wide range of key product lines for industry leaders and leading brands, including storage products, printers, consumer electronics, smart home appliances, set-top boxes, and power supplies, we also develop our own brand of technology products like 3D printers, smart beauty products, and AI-powered robotics.

    New Kinpo Group is part of Kinpo Group, a Taiwan-based global conglomerate of manufacturing and technology companies. 

    New Kinpo Group, ranked No. 8 in the global EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) OEM in 2015, built several new factories for Dyson in the Philippines to produce vacuum cleaners for Dyson.

    The main OEM products for Dyson are: wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and digital motors.


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