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Vacuum cleaners evolved from carpet sweepers, the first of which appeared in the 1860s and the first modern vacuums in the early 20th century. As the first country to popularize vacuum cleaners in the United States, they have the most advanced technology, as well as a long history of vacuum cleaner brands.

As a lover of vacuum cleaner products, organize the well-known American vacuum cleaner companies for your reference.

Peakvac Company

  • Location:Suzhou City, Jiangsu Provience
  • Company type:Wholesale
  • Year founded:2012
  • Main products:Vacuum Cleaner,Hard floor Cleaner, Mattress vacuums
  • Brand: Peakvac
  • https://peakvac.com

peakvac compant

Peakvac as a Chinese TOP 20 vacuum cleaner manufacturer crossword helps wholesalers、distributors and brand owners fulfill their home cleaning appliances business by top-end turnkey manufacturing.

Established in 2012. It is mainly engaged in household appliances (Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Corded Vacuum Cleaner, Dust Mite Controller, Wireless Electric Mop).

Products are built to comply with major international standards, including European Standard EN as well as other relevant standards for each product type. With our machines, many excellent global partners are spreading it to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, European countries, and North America.

The Hoover Company

  • Location:Ohio, United States
  • Company type:Manufacturer, Wholesale
  • Year founded:1908
  • Main products:Vacuum cleaners, deep cleaners, hard-floor cleaners, stick vacs, laundry products
  • Brand: Hoover
  •  www.hoover.com


The Hoover Company is an appliance company founded in Ohio, United States. Hoover was a household name in the US; and, mainly in the 20th century, it dominated the electric vacuum cleaner industry to the point that the Hoover brand became synonymous with vacuums and vacuum cleaners in the UK and Ireland.

In addition to producing floor care products, Hoover is also an iconic home appliance brand in Europe, with reliable quality and a long brand history, and is also recognized by many people in many parts of Europe.

Today, Hoover remains a major player in white goods and floor care in several European countries, as part of the Chinese multinational appliance company Haier’s portfolio of brands.

SharkNinja Inc


Formerly established as Euro-Pro Operating LLC in 1994, the company changed its name in 2015 to capitalize on its brand names’ prominence and popularity.[4] In 2017 the company was acquired by CDH Private Equity from Weston Presidio and American Capital.[2] As of 2020, it has offices in ten countries and holds over 550 patents, used in over 150 products.

SharkNinja is proud of its history as a pioneer in small appliances and cleaning solutions for the lifestyle of busy people.

Shark® is a leading name in upright vacuums, taking the cordless & robot worlds by storm.

SharkNinja now occupies top market share for vacuum cleaners in the United Kingdom and has successfully expanded into Germany and France. Asia-Pacific growth will explode with the launch of the Shark brand in the China market.

Bissell Inc

  • Location:Walker, Michigan
  • Company type:Manufacturer, Wholesale
  • Year founded:1876
  • Main products:Vacuum cleaners and other floorcare products
  • Brand: Bissell
  •  www.bissell.com


Bissell Inc., also known as Bissell Homecare, is an American privately held vacuum cleaner and floor care products manufacturing company headquartered in Walker, Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company is the No. 1 floor care product manufacturer in North America with a 20% market share.

In 2004, the company acquired a license for the Woolite trademark for all carpet and upholstery cleaning formulas for $62 million. It has also moved into the pet-care industry, manufacturing attachments and solutions designed specifically for cleaning up pet hair and stains. Whereas other competitors saw sales decline by numerous percentage points during the economic downturn, Bissell’s sales remained steady.[2] In 2009, they outpaced Hoover to take the number one position for floor-care sales in North America.[5] Their top-selling carpet shampooer is Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro[9] which is the market leader as of 2020.



The Kirby Company (stylized as KIRBY) is a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and home cleaning accessories, based in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. It is a division of Right Lane Industries. Dealers are located in over 50 countries throughout the world. Kirby’s products are only sold via in-home door-to-door demonstrations[1] and the company is a member of the Direct Selling Association. All of the vacuum cleaners are built in either Ohio or Texas.

As an incentive to new customers, Kirby offers the Service Center Vacuum Rebuild Program for original owners who have been registered with the company. As long as the customer owns the machine as the registered owner, if the cleaner needs repair, they can send it back to the Rebuild Department and have it restored to “like-new” condition. The company will completely disassemble it, repair or replace any worn Kirby parts, and sandblast, polish and buff metal parts back to a shiny “new” appearance. Internal components are also thoroughly inspected and repaired with Kirby replacement parts so that it will perform as originally designed.

Dirt Devil

  • Location:Charlotte, NC, U.S.
  • Company type:Manufacturer, wholesale
  • Year founded:1905
  • Main products: Vacuums, Carpet Machines, Canister Vacuums, Hand Vacs, Stick Vacs, Automated Pool Cleaners, Steam Cleaners
  • Brand: Dirt Devil
  • http://www.dirtdevil.com

dirt devil

Dirt Devil is a brand name of household vacuum cleaners and floor care. There were many different appliances, mostly cleaning based, produced, as well as a variety of other floor care products including handheld vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooing machines. There is also a division of Dirt Devil dedicated to central vacuums for homes and recreational vehicles.

The company was founded in 1905 in Cleveland, Ohio by Philip Geier as P. A. Geier Co., later to be renamed Royal Appliance Manufacturing Co.

Originally the company made vacuum cleaners with metal cases. In 1984 Royal introduced the Dirt Devil Hand Vac, to compete as a lower-cost, mass-market alternative to the existing Royal Prince line of all-metal hand vacs. The line eventually evolved to include more models, including upright vacuum cleaners, most bearing distinctive red plastic cases.

Eureka Company


Eureka is a brand of the Chinese company Midea Group that manufactures vacuums for all households. The company manufactures vacuum cleaners, including uprights, cordless, canisters, sticks and handhelds. Eureka also manufactures aftermarket vacuum accessories, such as bags, belts and filters.

Founded in 1909 in Detroit, Michigan Eureka vacuums have been in American’s homes for more than a century. Now we’re building on that experience with innovative cleaning technology to help you clean for years to come.

At first only selling vacuum cleaners manufactured by others, in 1913 he and four partners purchased their first plant. In 1922 they introduced the Eureka Model 9, which undercut their main competitor Hoover by 50% in price, with the same horsepower motor and a front-mounted bag that customers preferred to Hoover’s rear-mounted bag, offered with a 10-day home trial, becoming the Model T of the vacuum cleaner industry, selling 1 million units in three years. By 1927 Eureka sold 2 million units, selling one-third of all vacuums manufactured in the United States and settling into a perennial second place position behind Hoover.

David Oreck


David Irving Oreck (born September 17, 1923) is an American entrepreneur, business salesman, and lecturer. He is the founder and marketer of the Oreck Corporation, manufacturers of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, and is known through his appearances as a spokesman in Oreck television commercials and infomercials.

Oreck had acquired an abandoned design for an upright vacuum cleaner from Whirlpool and a failing RCA distribution facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 3.6-kg (8-lb) vacuum cleaner was a third of the weight of other machines available. Competitors, however, used this fact to criticize Oreck’s vacuum cleaner’s effectiveness and durability. Oreck decided to first market to hotels where lightweight would be a big positive factor. The machines are now used in thousands of hotels worldwide.

Oreck’s flagship models The Magnesium and The Elevate series vacuums are assembled in Cookeville Tennessee USA with US and globally sourced components. Oreck air purifiers are made in China. The company employs more than 1,500 at its retail stores, former corporate headquarters in Nashville,[5] Tennessee, and assembly center in Cookeville, Tennessee, to where it moved from Long Beach, Mississippi, in 2007. One such product is the Oreck XL Air 8 Purifier, which has been featured in an informercial running since 1999.

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