KS Series Strong Suction Vacuum Cleaner For Industrial Use, Equipped with 3 Ametek Motors

Products Features: 

  • 3 Ametek vacuum motors with independent control switches
  • Stainless steel construction – easy to keep clean
  • Detachable roll-out collection tank with large capacity
  • Usable pocket filter: 99.9% efficient at 3 microns
  • External filter shaker – keeps operation going longer
  • Unique aluminum tangential intake port: more efficiency
  • Tool basket: easy storage of accessories
  • Optional HEPA filter
  • Optional front-coupling floor nozzle

KS3600 is 100L high power separated barrel industrial vacuum cleaner with metal frame. Sturdy and durable, it is qualified in almost any kinds of tough jobs. The stainless steel barrel with four wheels make it very easy to dump the dust.

KS3600 is equiped with three reliable Ametek motors with strong suction force. As standard configuration, KS3600 has a star filter and you can choose a second HEPA filter as option for fine dust filtration purpose. It is characterized by large filter area and for those 3μm particles, the filtration efficiency is higher than 99.9%. The integrated cyclone structure in the barrel helps to protect the filter and prolong the life cycle of the filter(s).

ks 3600 industrial vacuum cleaner for wood processing

Parameters of KS 3600 Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Current type
Ph – V – Hz
1 – 220 – 50/60
kW / HP
3.6 / 4.8
m³/h (l/s) / CFM
450 (125) / 265
kPa / inH2O
28 / 112
Sound pressure level
Container capacity
l / gal
100 / 26.4
Filter area
cm2 / ft2
25000 / 26.9
Filter efficiency
0.3 (with HEPA filter)
Filter type
1 star filter as standard; 1 HEPA filter as option
Filter cleaning system
Manual shaker
Inlet diameter
mm / in
50 (40) / 1.97 (1.57)
Cable length
m / ft
8 / 26.2
Dimensions (L × W × H)
mm / in
680*600*1400 / 26.8*23.6*55.1
kg / lb
55 / 121

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Advantages of KS Series Vacuum Cleaner For Industrial purpose

  1. KS3600 single phase industrial vacuum cleaner is characterized by high power, strong suction and large capacity. 
  2. The metal frame is sturdy and durable and the whole vacuum cleaner is portable and ergonomically designed. 
  3. The detachable stainless steel dust container with four castors makes it easy to roll out and dump the collected materials. 
  4. Its standard configuration adopts a large filter-area pocket filter with over 99.97% efficiency at 3 microns. 
  5. The built-in cyclone structure in the vacuum body helps to protect the filter and keep the suction power lasting with great cleaning efficiency. 
  6. An additional HEPA filter can be added as option if your application requires to collect very fine dust at 0.3 microns.
ks 3600 industrial vacuum cleaner
ks 3600 industrial vacuum cleaner
ks 3600 industrial vacuum cleaner

Application of KS Series Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

  • Suitable for single phase working condition.
  • Suitable machinery processing factory.
  • For electronics factory.
  • For metal processing and assemble line cleaning.
  • For absorb cutting oil, water, metal powder, plastic dust.
  • For pharmaceutical factory and chemical industry.
  • For coating powder factory, grinding processing factory.
  • For food factory packaging machinery.
  • For wood processing.
  • For food and beverage industry.
  • For electronicis and 3D printing industry.

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